Match Racing Regulations



EUROSAF Regulations. Edition 2022. Version 3.0
APPROVED ON 17 May 2022

Relates to: EUROSAF Match Racing Open, Women's & Youth Open European Championships



1.1     The following events are recognized by EUROSAF as the official Championships of Europe. Their name shall be:

 “EUROSAF Match Racing, *** European Championship”
***: add type of Championship as either Open, Women’s or Youth Open.

1.2     A title sponsor may insert a name in the Championship title, after “EUROSAF Match Racing” and before “*** European Championship”, subject to the approval of the EUROSAF Executive Board, which must be sought in advance of finalizing any agreement with sponsors.


2.1     EUROSAF Match Racing, European Championships shall consist of three separate events, one of each of the following types: Open, Women’s and Youth Open. Whenever possible, Open and Women’s Championships should be held at the same venue and on the same dates. Preference in selection shall be given to potential event hosts who submit their bid on this basis. The Youth Open Championship shall be held separately. These are all annual events.

2.2     The Championships shall be organized as World Sailing Grade 1 or Grade 2 events, subject to review by the World Sailing Match Racing Sub Committee (World Sailing Regulation 27.2.3). The Youth Open Championship may be held as a World Sailing Grade 2 or Grade 3 event, according to World Sailing Regulation 27.2.3. Organizing Authorities shall apply to World Sailing for the relevant event grading (see also article 10.7).


3.1     Entries for the Championships shall only be accepted from Members of EUROSAF who are in financial good standing with the organization. If a Championship is part of a World event this might be changed, subject to a EUROSAF Executive Board decision.

3.2     Each EUROSAF Member has the right to send one team to each Championship (Open, Women’s and Youth Open), subject to the maximum number of teams permitted. Additionally the Organizing Authority of one or several Championships has the right to enter one team directly into each of the Championships it is organizing.

3.3     The age limit for the Youth Open Championship is under 23 on 31 December on the year of the Championship.

3.4     The total number of teams participating in each Championship is limited to 12 or, by exception and subject to the approval of the EUROSAF Executive Board, to 16.

3.5     Should there be more entries than places available, the places shall be awarded to the requesting teams based on the following preferences, applied in the stated order:

i. In the Open Championship, to the champion of the preceding year and to the champion of the preceding Youth Open Championship.
ii. In the Women’s Championship, to the champion of the preceding year and to the champion of the preceding Youth Open Championship, if a woman.
iii. In the Youth Open Championship, to the champion of the preceding year if they comply with article 3.3.
iv. To the highest ranked skippers on the World Sailing Match Racing ranking list issued four months prior to the Championship (World Sailing Regulation 27.2.1) with a maximum of one team per country and in compliance with article 3.2.

3.6     Should the number of entries significantly exceed 16 teams, EUROSAF may establish qualification events, one in Northern Europe and another in Southern Europe. The top four teams from each qualification event shall go forward to contest the Championship. The remaining four places shall be awarded according to articles 3.5 i & ii and 3.7. The EUROSAF Executive Board shall award the final place.

3.7     Should there be less than 12 entries at the registration closing date, the Organizing Authority, in conjunction with the EUROSAF Executive Board, may invite wild card entries to make up the shortfall. These teams shall be from EUROSAF Members and no country should be represented by more than three teams. The EUROSAF Executive Board may allow teams from non EUROSAF Members, members of World Sailing.

3.8     At least three athletes shall be nationals or residents of the country of the EUROSAF Member entering the team, including the skipper. The EUROSAF Member shall be responsible for compliance. The Notice of Race may specify that this regulation does not apply to crew substitutes, with the exception of the skipper.

4.       RULES

4.1     The Championships shall be governed by the current World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing, including Appendix “C”.

4.2     The Championships, as World Sailing Match Racing events, shall not be in conflict with relevant World Sailing Regulations.

5.       LOGISTICS

5.1     In order to host a Championship, the Organizing Authority must provide:

i. Boats equal in performance, or paired for performance, with spinnaker or gennakers as standard equipment and suitable for match racing. Crews must be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 persons for the Open Championship, and up to 6 for the Women’s Championship.
ii. Umpire motorboats to conform to World Sailing standards.
iii. Race Committee boats complete with all the necessary race management equipment and course marks.
iv. Sufficient on-water and on-shore facilities for members of the media.
Boats and viewing places for spectators, with broadcast commentary in the language of the host country or in English, both if possible.

5.2     The Organizing Authority must provide Umpires with travel, local transfer, and accommodation costs (min 3*** hotel in single room), plus food of good quality. Those appointed through the EUROSAF Exchange Programme are responsible for their own travel costs to an agreed point within the host country, after which they should be funded on an equal basis to other attending Race Officials. The only exception to these rules is when an individual agreement is reached, on a personal basis, between the Organizing Authority and an Umpire prior to the Championship.

5.3     The EUROSAF Executive Board retains the right to appoint a delegate to each Championship, who will act as both technical consultant and EUROSAF liaison. The Organizing Authority shall meet the travelling and accommodation expenses for this person as though they were a Race Official and they should be accommodated in the same facility as the Race Officials.

5.4     All other requirements shall be in accordance with World Sailing Regulation 27.2.3 (d).






12 Teams

16 Teams

12 Teams

16 Teams

Minimum number of boats (including one spare boat) ¹





Min. overall length (meters)





Scheduled racing days





Scheduled racing days (Youth Open only)





Min. number of IU per match + 1 IU for wing





International Jury required





Min. number of scheduled practice hours per team





¹ In exceptional circumstances, the Organizing Authority may apply for a dispensation to provide one less boat. The EUROSAF Executive Board shall review such applications and make the final decision.


6.1     The Championships shall consist of the following stages: Preliminary, Quarter Final, Semi Finals and Final.


7.1     The number of Umpires should be equal to the number of boats (except spare boats) plus two. At least half the Umpires shall be World Sailing International Umpires, supported by National Umpires who have sufficient umpire experience.

7.2     The Organizing Authority shall propose the members of the Umpire team to the EUROSAF Executive Board, except for two Umpires selected through the EUROSAF Race Officials Exchange Programme, in compliance with article 7.1. The EUROSAF Executive Board and the Organizing Authority must agree to each Umpire. The Organizing Authority shall invite the Umpires agreed upon. The same procedure shall apply in case of any replacement.

7.3     Not more than 3 Umpires shall be from the host country and the Chief Umpire shall not be from the host country according to World Sailing Regulation 25.8.7.

7.4     If the Open or Women’s Championships are Grade 1 events, the event Umpires shall be appointed in accordance with World Sailing Regulation 27.2.3(d).


8.1     The Organizing Authority may claim an entry fee from each team. The entry fee shall be defined in the Notice of Race, shall be equal for both Open and Women’s Championships, and shall not exceed 600 EUR. For the Youth Open Championship the entry fee shall not exceed 300 EUR, unless accommodation or sustenance is included, in which case the cost may be added to the entry fee in agreement with the EUROSAF Executive Board.

8.2     Entry fees are due at the time of accepting the invitation. No entry is considered confirmed until payment is received. Entry fees are not refundable except is special circumstances. The final ruling in such cases resides with the EUROSAF Executive Board.

8.3     Each team is required to pay an initial damage deposit equivalent to a maximum of 1,000 EUR to cover damages or the loss of equipment that can be attributed to the team's actions during the Championship. If the deposit is used, in full or in part, during the Championship, the Organizing Authority may require the team to top up the deposit before allowing them to go on competing. The Organizing Authority shall refund any remaining deposit after the Championship.

8.4     World Sailing Regulation 27.2.2d shall apply at all EUROSAF Match Racing Championships and must be included in Notices of Race and Sailing Instructions.


9.1     EUROSAF gold, silver, and bronze colour Championship Medals shall be awarded to the first three teams in each Championship type. The medals must be sourced through EUROSAF.

9.2     Trophies & Prizes:

a) The Piraterne Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Open Championship. This is a trophy donated by a group of members of the Royal Danish Yacht Club and symbolizes a Golden Horn. This is a perpetual trophy, awarded annually, and shall remain the property of the Piraterne Group within the RDYC. It is the responsibility of each champion to return it clean and undamaged for the next Championship.

b) The Wossala Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Women’s European Championship. This is a trophy donated by George Wossala, President of EUROSAF from 2004 to 2010. This is a perpetual trophy, awarded annually, and shall remain the property of EUROSAF. It is the responsibility of each champion to return it clean and undamaged for the next Championship.

c) Currently, there is no annual trophy for the Youth Open Championship and it is up to the Organizing Authority to provide a suitable trophy for the winner, each year.

9.3     Prize money, if any, shall not be limited. World Sailing shall be notified about prize money to comply with World Sailing Regulation 25.12. No prize money shall be made available for the Youth Open Championship. Distribution of prize money shall be based on World Sailing Regulation 27.2.4.

9.4     Other suitable prizes and awards may be made available by the Organizing Authority as they see fit.


10.1   The ownership and all rights appertaining thereto of these Championships remain the property of EUROSAF at all times.

10.2   The Rights Fee, required to host the Open European Championship, is 500 EUR. The Rights Fee, required to host the Women’s European Championship, is 400 EUR. If an Organizing Authority agrees to organize both Championships, then the combined fee is 750 EUR. Rights Fees are due to EUROSAF.

10.3   The final form of the Open and Women’s Championships—combined or separated as provided for in article 2.1—and the level of Rights Fees are at the discretion of the EUROSAF Executive Board.

10.4   The Rights Fee for the Youth Open Championship is 300 EUR. If an Organizing Authority agrees to organize the Youth Open Championship together with either the Open or the Women’s European Championship, then the combined fee is 600 EUR. Rights Fees are due to EUROSAF.

10.5   Under special circumstances the EUROSAF Executive Board may reduce these fees.

10.6   An invoice will be presented by EUROSAF for all fees due, including the supply of the medals, in advance of the Championship. Payment of the invoice is due a minimum of three months prior to the start of the Championship. Failure to make payment in time may result in the Championship being withdrawn from the appointed host.

10.7   The relevant event grading fees shall be paid to World Sailing in accordance with World Sailing Regulations.


11.1   Sponsorship of the Championships is permitted and encouraged. Sponsors should be from organizations in sympathy with the sport of sailing and need the prior approval of the EUROSAF Executive Board.

11.2   It is the responsibility of the Organizing Authority to ensure the quality of the Championship is sufficiently attractive to encourage sponsorship.


12.1   The Media Rights of the Championships and the associated intellectual property are the exclusive property of EUROSAF. The Media Rights, in full or in part, may be transferred to the Organizing Authority, subject to agreement between the two organizations.

12.2   EUROSAF and the Organizing Authority shall have the right to use the results and any images, video, or sound recorded during the Championship, free of charge. The Organizing Authority, in obtaining, using, and sharing with EUROSAF and third parties such material, shall comply with all relevant obligations related to personal data protection.

12.3   A Championship website should be made available at least four months before the Championships. This should be either as part of an existing website belonging to the Organizing Authority, or as a separate entity. EUROSAF branding must be included on the website and on all documents, announcements, and distributed items. In addition, every effort should be made to make use of all social media outlets, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, to promote the Championships and to inform about them.

12.4   Sailing and other media outlets, from both the host country and other European countries, should be contacted and kept informed about the Championship. Where possible, videos of the Championships should be recorded for publication on on-line TV outlets and other media sources. EUROSAF endeavours to work with the Organizing Authority to achieve this objective.


13.1   EUROSAF shall present each appointed Organizing Authority with a contract relating to the Championship they have to organize. Both parties must sign this contract, which covers the rights and responsibilities of both the Organizing Authority and EUROSAF, before the rights to the Championship are finally granted to the Organizing Authority. The contract should normally be signed twelve months before the Championship and must be finalized no later than nine months before the Championship.

13.2   Any other agreements associated with a Championship requiring the signature from the Organizing Authority should first be copied to the EUROSAF Executive Board for their input and review. Permission to sign such agreements will not be unreasonably withheld, but in the event of an objection, the decision of the EUROSAF Executive Board shall be final.