EUROSAF L30 Class EC: On Schedule

The EUROSAF L30 European Championship is taking place from today on at Marseille. The event will be sailed on the place of the future 2024 Olympic Games. At the end seven teams from seven nations will compete, sailors from France, Belgium, Hungary, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and Spain will compete until Sunday. „In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have tried to keep as many EUROSAF events as possible to help come out of the current blocked situation, to give sailors opportunities to compete at a good level, and to offer Race Officials possibilities to put their experience to good use“, EUROSAF President Josep M. Pla said right before the opening. 

The whole event is covered by ICARUS sports. Videos will be provided on ICARUS Sports TV magazines and L30 Class channels and here. 

Photo: SSI/Stefano Robotti