EUROSAF Regrets Zvi Ziblat Passing Away

Zvi has been connected to sailing all his life and was active as a Race Official and Committee Member on international level until the end. EUROSAF's Honorary Presidents George Wossala and Oleg Ilyin express their condolences on behalf of the entire Federation.


Dear Friends, 

With the deep sad and heavy load on our hearts we knew about Zvi has been passed away!

Unbelievable! Not only we have been close friends, IJ and  umpire mates, ISAF committee members through the last twenty years, but Zvi was amongst us as banner bearer, always defending the truth and the fairness. It was in every side of his personality, whether he acted as umpire, or Council/Events committee member, or when he openly battled with those who were to his opinion not honest and trying to turn ISAF to unfair way.

Zvi also was ready to help to whoever concerned, being an experienced council member, or novice who just stepped on tortuous way of the international Federation. 

Zvi! We will remember you forever! You died with the banner in your hand lifted up and showing us the way we have to go!

Dr. Oleg Ilyin
EUROSAF Honorary President
Russian Yachting Federation Secretary General


Dear grieving Family,

We sympathize deeply in your grief.

A great loss for You, global sailing and his friends.

For us, who were in permanent contact with Zvi it feels like a punch in the stomach – he was the strongest pillar in our fight.

May he Rest In Peace and sail peacefully on the eternal waters.

With deep pain,

George Wossala
EUROSAF Honorary President